Felix mother's milk pendant (14 carat) gold - breastmilk pendant

210,00 EUR

Mother's milk gold pendant with a few drops of mother's milk. 

1 cm

I put breast milk in this pendant, but it can also be made with baby hair if needed.

If you wish, engraving is also possible. You can see an example of this in the photos.

If you have a unique idea, please include it when ordering.

I make the pendant from 14-carat gold individually, by hand.

If you order breast milk jewelry, I will send you a vial in which you can return the necessary breast milk to me within 1 week of the order.

The pendant is primarily intended without a necklace, but can also be ordered with a necklace if required.

I can answer your further questions at the email address info.dorothee-oliver.com.